How To Stop A Toothache

Many people suffer from toothaches, you would think with all of today’s new high-tech health devises dentists would be able to cure toothaches for good. I too have had toothaches from everything including the dental visits and temperature discomfort from ice cream or coffee. More info about temperature discomfort. For instance a story about when it first started, well more like nightmare; when I was 19 I had to have root canal and the dentist could not get my mouth numb, he injected close to 4 times to get finally get the area needed numb, which by the time it finally was numb I couldn’t feel my whole mouth, half face, and my throat were numb for what seemed much too long. The surgery went well however when the anesthetics or I started to feel my face again. I had a searing pain from my tooth that hurt very bad. I quickly called my dentist and arranged a date he could see me so I could get this all fixed. I walk into his office sit down in the chair and asked him I need to know how to stop a toothache fast! Because no one wants to have constant pain in their mouth, how would you eat? How would you drink? My doctor gave me a quick little remedy composing of some salt, olive oil, and vanilla extract, which when mixed together made a paste that you could apply to any tooth but after a sip of a drink it washed off and the pain was right back. Learn how to make the paste. I decided to find a new dentist and he was able to stop the pain, there was one chip of my tooth rubbing against the other one my former dentist couldn’t see. Long story short, my new dentist quickly did one short grind and fixed my tooth pain; he didn’t even have to make my mouth numb. Now granted not everyone will have this easy of a fix. Some people have to live with teeth pain the majority of thee lives. If you are scared thinking that there is nothing you can do and you will have to live with tooth pain for the rest of your life because you have it now. Don’t be worried if you go to the dentist once a year and have good teeth hygiene you have nothing to worry about most likely it will be a quick 30 min dentist visit to learn how to stop toothache. I bet your wondering…….

What causes Well there are many things that could contribute to toothaches

  • Infection
  • Gum disease
  • Grinding teeth
  • Tooth trauma
  • An abnormal bite
  • Tooth eruption

And More….

It will be different for everyone, because everyone has different mouths. So everyone will have different reason for toothaches, so every one else will there own way of LINK/how to soothe a toothache/LINK For instance my problem started when I had to wear braces trough middle school which any time the orthodontist would tighten them every other month I couldn’t eat for like 2 days because the pain was too much. To start with first look at what you dental hygiene is, if you brush twice a day and visit the dentist every 6 months like you are supposed to. If you visit the dentist once a year and brush at least once a day you’re in the middle, this is where is stood at. I would only floss once a month and that was a lot. So that is the reason I had problems with my teeth. Granted it could have been a lot worse luckily it wasn’t and it was a simple fix. If you fall lower than the ideas I said above for example if you go to the dentist less that yearly, or floss and brush your teeth less than daily, your chances of getting toothaches are much greater.

Believe it or not sometimes toothache’s can be hereditary first because your jaw structure can be inherited from your parents meaning certain jaw structures can have problems like teeth grinding which can result in chipping teeth. If a tooth is chipped bad enough and reveals the nerves of the tooth then you are in for a world of pain. Don’t think that because you don’t see a dentist means that you will always have teeth problems. There are many home remedies for tooth pain that work very well and can actually save you visit or 2 to the dentist. A great way to stop toothache is to simply use oral anesthetic, don’t use this foe long periods of time because it only takes away the pain there is still damage being done to the tooth. If the pain is bad enough that you find yourself almost crying, then you need to see a dentist nothing on the internet well help you.
A common problem that may happen after getting a tooth filled you can feel tooth pain after filling. This is very bad because the problem is within the tooth and very heard to treat because it is covered back up with filling and in order to get the infection and treat the dentist must first drill through the filling again and since the infection is there it’s going to hurt there isn’t much you can do. However if you think you may have a tooth infection here are some great things that can help you out. Again, these are not permanent fixes however they will help take the edge off the pain until you can see a specialist.
Just remember tooth pain and tooth aches are not a joke it can cause serious damage to your teeth if not properly treated. This is why I strongly suggest finding a dentist even if it is one you can call to ask a question because that would be your best bet he would be able to tell you that yes you should come in for a visit so he can see what’s wrong. Or no that little bit of pain will go away in a day or too sounds like you just grinded your teeth a little in your sleep.  Find a dentist now.

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